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The Department of Administrative Development was established on 05/07 / 1408H on the basis of Royal Order No. 7/11008 / AD on 21/5/1410 H. The administrative decision No. 2126/502 dated 26/12/1416 H was issued by His Excellency the Rector. Article (1) The Administrative Development Department shall undertake the following tasks:  :
  • Proposing the organizational structure of the Department of Administrative Development and its sub-units, and organizing its work in the light of the Royal Decree No. 7/11008 / M dated 21/5/1410 H and the decision of the Higher Committee for Administrative Reform No. 192 of 12/05/1410 AH and the Regulations of the Higher Education Council and its Implementing Regulations. ،
  • Studying and identifying the training needs of the administrators, technicians and other employees of the university in cooperation and coordination with the competent authorities.
  • Proposing the necessary plans and programs for training and scholarships of university staff in various fields, in light of the actual regulations, regulations and training needs, in cooperation and coordination with competent authorities.
  • To follow up the implementation of these programs after its decision
  • Preparation of training programs ambitious and succession highlighting more attention to training to prepare the competencies of the university according to the needs of the university to keep abreast of technical development, with the preparation of periodic reports on the progress of training, and submitted to the competent authorities
  • To codify and develop the necessary procedures in respect of scholarships for administrative and technical staff at the University
  • Updating coordination mechanisms with other administrative bodies concerned with training and scholarships
  • Conduct organizational studies of the University, and update regulatory evidence whenever required
  • Develop and follow up the regulations at work, and make suggestions for their development
  • Facilitate administrative, financial and technical work procedures at the university, design and develop the models used, and prepare and update the procedures manual
  • Follow-up care of the equipment, tools and office equipment used at the university, prepare studies to rationalize their use and prepare their depreciation models, and propose what suits the purposes of the university, and ways to save them
  • Develop mechanisms and models for monitoring and evaluating the performance of university staff, preparing the necessary reports in this regard and submitting them to the competent authorities
  • Create an information base through which all information that helps the management in performing its tasks in a professional and professional manner is collected, tabulated and preserved
  • Preparing the administrative methods and models that contribute to the development of the work, and responding to all other developments that are assigned by the university administration
  • Preparing periodic and annual reports on the work of the Department and all its activities
  • Developing and developing performance by managing the workforce through supporting the sectors of female students with qualified and experienced women to improve the work, achieving the goals and policies of contracting, recruitment, promotion, transport and follow-up of the career of the Saudi employee since she joined the service until its end.
  • Facilitating the employee's access to her financial rights in light of the regulations and instructions
    A distinguished local leader in the development and development of human resources
      :The letter
        Development of human resources and administrative work environment - Increase professional knowledge and improve performance through organization, development and consultancy to build successful cadres administratively, technically and professionally to carry out professional life at the highest professional levels
          Values: The staff and representatives of the General Administration for Administrative Development shall abide by a set of basic values represented by the following:
          • Excellence and promotion: Encouraging innovation - Creativity - Seeking perfection and achievement of work with high quality and commitment
          • Cooperation: Encourage work as a team - Cooperation with all competent and qualified for training from within and outside the university
          • Integrity: Honesty, justice and sincerity - fairness in candidacy for training and scholarships
          • Respect: Good attitude with people and treating them with respect - Promoting a spirit of respect and positive fellowship - Respect for time
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