An overview of the office of the Dean of Female Section


Based on the strategic objectives of King Abdulaziz University, which are based on the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

The Office of the Dean of the Female Section works as a vital system that supports the university’s plans and programs by investing in its capabilities to achieve leadership and excellence towards innovative and comprehensive education and pioneering community service in a developmental and sustainable work environment.

The Office of the Dean of the Female Section provides many qualitative services and support to all sectors in the section, adopting an organizational path and integrated plans with its operational departments, which are:

• General Administration of Human Resources.

• Administrative Communications Center.

• General Administration Facilities.

• General Administration of Security Services.

• Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

• University Medical Services Center.

• General Administration for self-resources.

• Documents and Archives Center.

• Communication and Information Center.

The Office of the Dean of the Female Section devotes all its efforts and capabilities to refining development visions (Academic and Administrative) at the university and transforming its challenges into achievements towards a distinguished present and a bright future, God willing.

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12/11/2023 8:19:27 AM